South American Revival


South American Revival


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Buenos Aires


October 15 - October 16

This year marks the debuts of Design Hotels™ endeavors in Argentina with our first ever Sales Mission in Buenos Aires! The historic city is a dominant hub in South America and shows increasing potential in terms of international tourism. Let yourself be transported by the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Buenos Aires as the inauguration of a promising sales mission week.

Rio de Janeiro

October 17 - October 18

"Cidade Maravilhosa" -  as locals call it, Rio is at the heart of Latin America, with over 6 millions habitants. Rio has recently faced heavy tourism infrastructures development and, after last year's economic slowdown,  Brazilians are more than ever open to traveling abroad. Rio will be the pinnacle of the sales week with a unique programming in different locations!

São Paulo

October 19 - October 20

São Paulo is the most multicultural city in Brazil which also makes it one the most open cities internationally in Latin America. Very sensitive to original, cultural and artistic destinations, Paulistanos are ideal Design Hotels™ aficionados. Join us at the Hotel Unique to celebrate the end of South America sales mission week!


Key Selected Customers


Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Outbound Tourism, Departures in millions

Argentina - Market Facts

Argentina’s outbound tourism has risen dramatically from 2016 to 2017, reaching 11.3m departures and outpacing most other key travel nations in the region. Achieving second place after Brazil, its international departures have increased by 19% over the last year.

Recent airline strategies to introduce low cost carriers as well as important infrastructure developments are contributing to the higher willingness to travel. 

Buenos Aires Sales Mission

October 17 - October 18

Our Design Hotels™ Sales Mission in Buenos Aires will let you connect and network with selected top travel agents in the country and promote your property towards a large audience of travelers avid for original experiences.


Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro

Brazil - Market Facts

Brazil’s touristic infrastructures have greatly improved following the Olympic games,  allowing more stable traffic flows from the key gateways of São Paulo and Rio, accounting for over 85% of Brazil’s international departures. 

Experts are unanimous and have recently announced that Brazil is finally recovering, showing growth in various sectors such as agriculture (+7.9%), automobile (24%) as well as interest rate cuts by the Central Bank to bolster demand.

Outbound Trips by Category

Outbound Tourism, Departures in millions


Rio de Janeiro Exchange

October 18 - 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Our Rio Exchange will be orchestrated in addition with a unique and ambitious programming destined to reinforce our ties with South America. Join us with the leading influential travel and concierge agents of Rio and attend our special program at Villa Aymoré.


CURATED EVENTS AT CHEZ GEORGes, a member of Design hotels™

Media Event

October 18 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Claus + Oskar

Immersive Experiences

in Hospitality

Claus Sendlinger, Founder and CEO of Design Hotels™ and Oskar Metsavaht, Founder and CEO of the Brazilian fashion brand Osklen, will take part in a conversation on the need for brands to connect, engage and interact more deeply in today’s age of digital distraction. Come together for a community discussion and gathering with leading media and journalists from the Brazilian community. The talk will lead into an exclusive immersive music experience in collaboration with FORM Arcosanti.

Join and network amongst the leading media and travel journalists of Brazil.

Community Event



October 18 - 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Over the course of 4 days in the hills of Santa Teresa at Chez Georges, a member of Design Hotels™, the FORM Arcosanti artist and musical collective with special guests Kelsey Lu, Hundred Waters, Empress Of and Julie Byrne will work together to create experiential music and art to be performed exclusively for our Design Hotels™ community. On the final day of the artist retreat, enjoy a closing ceremony and concert with original music created at the villa.

FORM Arcosanti is an intimate experiential music and arts festival in the canyons of the desert, dubbed ‘the festival of the future’ with moving experiences traveling the world. Our music curator, Zach Tretcault, founder of the festival and lead drummer for Hundred Waters, will bring us on a unique journey, visualizing the artistic process of a group of diverse artists.

Join to mingle with travel influencers from the Brazilian community and leading travel magazines, media and press. 


SAo Paulo

SAo Paulo


São Paulo Exchange

October 19 - 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The Hotel Unique will be welcoming us for our ultimate Exchange, concluding our South American Sales Mission week. At this occasion, we are inviting the most prominent travel professionals such as Teresa Perez and Primetour and are preparing a night to remember at our atypical member hotel.


Launching a Preferred partnership in São Paulo


Teresa Perez is one of the leading agencies in Brazil and benefactor of numerous awards such as the “Top International Advisor”from Virtuoso. Its authority in the tourism industry is highly regarded.


Focusing on high-end properties and exclusive destinations, Prime Tour is a leading travel agency in Brazil with offices in multiple cities.

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